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At Traeger BBQ you’ll find tips for honing your BBQ craft, helpful videos from our BBQ Pros, the ultimate barbecue gear, and award-winning BBQ recipes that will help turn you into the best Pitmaster on the block. Traeger is more than a grill; it’s a wood-fired meat machine that generates flavorful smoke, which makes everything you cook taste amazing. Whether you’re drawn to BBQ like a moth to a flame, just trying your hand at BBQ, or headed for the competition circuit, Traeger BBQ will show you how to create the best authentic BBQ.



The secret to creating killer BBQ is in the smoke. BBQ Smokenomics will give you smokin’ tips and tricks from the Traeger BBQ Pro team on how to create competition-style BBQ over a primal fire and show you how to get into the BBQ circuit.

Matt Pittman

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I grew up with a love of BBQ & grilling because it pulls people from all walks of life together around a table of smoky delicious food. Once I took my passion to the professional BBQ circuit, I found a talented group of Pitmasters from all over the globe that enjoyed BBQ just as much as I did. I now call those people family!

– Chad Ward, Pitmaster

Traeger Pro Team

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